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Okay, so! I spent like a week straight watching Crashbox on HBO on Demand. Ahh, nostalgia.

On it, there’s this segment called Radio Scramble, where you’re given words to unscramble by the radio host, this microphone-headed guy named Jumpin’ Johnnie Jumble. (Johnnie? Not sure of official spelling).

And I was like: I should totally draw Cecil like that. I haven’t seen microphone head Cecil before.

So, I did! :3




10x03 teaser (x

This is Sam, the brother that still believes, trying to do whatever he can, standing up for and up to his brother. 

This is Dean, shockingly, for the first time accepting himself like that, there is something so calm about demon!Dean it’s almost convincing. 

They are both going to grow so much this season. 

Maybe he remembers the scene from season 3 (i think?…) about him becoming an demon. Maybe he believes that after all this time it’s only right, everything he’s done, everyone’s he’s saved, could never be enough to make up for all the other stuff -  the people he has gotten killed just by being acquainted with them. Maybe he’s so calm because he believes this is what was meant to be.

Might be, I thought that for the first time in his life, he is totally careless, and has no guilt, not responsinbility, no heavy heart (x) and for the first time he feels happy. of course, this isn’t a real happiness, as Jensen said, it’s like a heroin addict, he thinks he found happiness and won’t listen to anyone who tells him otherwise. 

That’s why I think a MAJOR something will have to happen that will make him realize that this wasn’t what he was looking for. 

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